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LITUS Shipping was established in 2018 as a licensed shipping agency and freight forwarding service provider in the Republic of Maldives. We are proud to be the only Maldivian representation of X2 Elite Network and Global Logistics Network, which are two major worldwide networks of Freight Forwarding.

Our vision

” Sustainable shipping through innovation, professionalism and values. “


To offer innovative sea and air transportation solutions through our expertise in order to generate values in all aspects


We strive to create the shipping industry with ethical practices where all stakeholders stand for anticorruption and fair trade. We have the courage to do it despite any challenges stand on our path since we stand for what is right and we lead the way being an example to others in a manner that encourages others and boosts confidence on them to act ugly to create a virtuous industry.


Innovation is the key factor for sustainability as it is the only weapon against different challenges in our path. It also services well in utilizing the resources in the most productive manner.


We value our workforce since there is our backbone. Contribution of each and every one of them matters at the end of the day. As we believe only a united team with a mutual understanding is able to deliver their best to uphold company perspectives. 


We are unique with our culture, our passion and our service. We have our own values, our own strategies and we lead our own path. Unlike the others, we do not strive to win alone but to win together.  


Our policy is to conduct our activities in relation to business/economic progress in an integrated way minimizing carbon footprints and emphasizing social values in order to be more sustainable and to meet the expectations of our customers.


We are here to deliver a total solution for your shipping requirements


As a licensed shipping agency in the Maldives Litus Shipping lives a true partner for ship owners by attending all requirements of vessels in their turnaround at points of loading and unloading. With our expertise, we offer timely and friendly service to any type of vessel in Maldivian seas.   

  • Arranging port services, customs and immigration formalities for entry and clearance from ports in the Maldives
  • Attending to the requirements of the crew
  • Provide vessel layup and coordinate with cargo discharging
  • Provide all marine engineering services required for vessels 
  • Ship chandling services and Bunkering 
  • Waste management


As a general cargo sales agent for both international and regional airlines that fly to the Maldives, we offer very competitive rates of air cargo. We have a dedicated professional team full of experience in air cargo sales and management.


We have a team of professionals committed to arranging all support services to Yachts, Super Yachts and Cruise Vessels in Maldivian seas. 

    • Providing Fuel, supplies, and freshwater
    • Providing Engineering Services
    • Arranging Customs and Immigration formalities
    • Arranging port services
    • Facilitate access to resorts


Out of Gage and Project Cargo requires a specialized team of professionals to handle it since handling strategies and equipment that requires varies in each scenario. We have been providing or services in handling OOG and Project cargo especially for resort development projects in the Maldives successfully because it is one of our strengths. Our team of experts study the whole process from origin to final destination of the cargo and plan equipment and transportation requirements in order to deliver a safe and smooth service.  

Freight Forwarding

As the only Maldivian representation in X2 Elite and Global Logistics Network, we, Litus Shipping have a strong network of agents worldwide, which gives us the ability to assist you with transporting your cargo via sea or air under any Incorterm enjoying a reliable service for impressive freight rates


We arrange port facilities and arrange customs formalities to dry bulk and breakbulk vessels and coordinate with cargo discharging.